WhatsApp: how to remember where you have parked your car with the application?

Through a simple way of sending us our location by WhatsApp we can remember where we left a car, or specifically a place in the city where we are. The app not only allows us to communicate with others, but also allows us to send messages to ourselves.

The use of WhatsApp It is almost a necessity nowadays. Because it is the most used messaging platform, almost all of us have the application on our smartphones. However, its use is not limited to just talking to others.

Using the option to write to ourselves we can leave reminders, especially if we are forgetful. This is highly recommended when returning to the point where we left our car, as many people can spend hours trying to find it. This problem can be more overwhelming if you live in a big city and you have just parked in an area that you do not know well.

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How do I remember where I parked my car with WhatsApp?

1. The first time you use this, you should start a conversation with yourself. To do this, in your preferred browser type “wa.me/your number”. Replace ‘yournumber’ with the phone number with the international code without the “+”. For example, for Peru, if your number is “999999999″, you would type “wa.me/51999999999″. The browser will ask if you want to open this in WhatsApp, so you must press ‘OK’. From that moment, you can already send messages to yourself as you do with any other contact.

2. The next step is the simplest: send yourself the location where you are. WhatsApp allows you to send your location to your contacts. By counting your chat with yourself as one, you can send yourself your exact location so you know where you left your car. Remember that it must be this type of location and not the “real time location”because the latter will move with you.

3. In addition to location, can you send references of where you left the car. This is very important if you have left your vehicle in parking lots or parking buildings, as they are often so large or have so many levels that you can lose a lot of time trying to find your car.

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