WhatsApp: now you can mute participants in group calls

WhatsApp announced through its social networks the latest news that it incorporated for group calls in the application. Which are already available and it is only enough to update the tool.

Initially users will now be able to see an indicator that is located at the bottom of the group call, this new icon tells all participants who has joined the group call.

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In addition, there are new ones such as sending messages more quickly and in a personalized way or muting any participant in a group call. This alternative is available to the user who called the communication and also to the participants in the call.

The alternative is now available for Android, iOS users and even those with the app in non-beta mode.

In case you still cannot access the update, it may still be in the process of reaching your app store, so it is recommended to keep looking for the news in the next few hours. (Newspaper: El Tiempo de Colombia)

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