WhatsApp |  Hackers take advantage of application security flaw to install spyware

WhatsApp plans to introduce a new function that will allow users to select messages from existing conversations and make them temporary despite not having been sent in that mode.

Currently, the messaging application allows users to create temporary conversations whose chats are deleted after a certain time, regardless of whether the receiver has read them or noteither 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

This feature, which began to be implemented at the end of 2020 and is available in the Privacy section, within the Settings menu. It can be used both in individual and group chats, only in the group chat it has to be enabled by administrators.

As WABetaInfo has recently been able to verify, WhatsApp has introduced this novelty through the Google Play beta program for Android, in version of the service.

With this update, the instant messaging application allows to apply that timer in already existing chatsso that users can make messages disappear after a while without having to do it manually.

Likewise, this function can be extended to several chats simultaneously, since, as this specialized portal has warned, when clicking on one of the chats, the application allows you to select several at once to turn them into temporary conversations.

In this way, those users who want several conversations to disappear at the same time will not be obliged to program each of them individually, which speed up the erase process.

This new function is under development, so the application testers do not yet have access to this beta, nor is it known if it will finally reach all users through a official update of WhatsApp.

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