Some of the emojis available.

For several months there has been speculation that WhatsApp is working to bring reactions to messages to the messaging application. The leaks show the battery of smileys to be usedbut without any precision on its release date. Finally that day has come.

From this Thursday, WhatsApp will allow you to send a reaction to a message, photo, video or audio. The changes will start to arrive with the new update that is spreading worldwide.

The scoop was in charge of Mark Zuckerberg himself who gave the announcement through a brief message on his Facebook account. There he pointed out that “WhatsApp Reactions Start Rolling Out Today”followed by the emojis that can be used.

The reaction system is nothing new in messaging applications. Other platforms such as Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger or even the Google Messages app have been offering this response option for some time.

How reactions to messages work on WhatsApp

Some of the emojis available.

The operation of the reactions is simple, just select a message and, with total freedom, react to it with an emoji. When reacting, below the message, the selected emoticon will appear. In case of repentance, it can be removed.

Its logic is similar to that of the rest of the applications that already have this tool. Simply you have to hold down continuously in the message to bring up a small window showing the different emoticons.

There are currently only six reactions available: Like, Love, Funny, Surprised, Sad, and Thank you. It is not known if, later, you can choose more emojis or even activate calls personalized reactions.

In the case of groups, the reaction can be seen by all members of the chat. In the event that a contact reacts to a message, you will also receive a notification indicating that someone has reacted to one of the messages. It is not yet known if in a group chat, such reactions are anonymous or not.

WhatsApp: is the paid version coming?

Photo: EFE

Photo: EFE

Recently, the app added the ability to connect multiple devices without having to turn on the phone. Although it is something that Telegram had available for a long time, the truth is that the popular chat app now allows you to have it open on your computer without necessarily is the phone paired at the time.

But the limit is clear: only allow 4 at a time. If you require more, you can take out a subscription that expands that quota, something important for commercial accounts.

According to the specialized site WABetaInfoWhatsApp seems to be developing a new plan for business accounts with the aim of offering some additional features to subscribers.

One of them will admit up to 10 linked devices in one accountmore than double the current limit, which would allow more people within a company to use the same official point of contact to communicate with customers.

It’s entirely possible that this upcoming subscription could include other extras beyond this 10-device upper limit, but not much else is known so far.

Both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp Business don’t currently show any public-facing signs, so you’ll probably have to wait for it to come out with a future update.


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