Windows 11: what is the efficiency mode that will be available in the new version?

microsoft has implemented a new function in Windows 11 which will be activated by default, to combat brute force cyberattacks that try to access user accounts by trying a large number of passwords in a short period of time.

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Build Preview 25206, available within the Insider Program in the Developer Channel, introduces an additional password protection mechanism for both enterprise environments and home user computers.

The novelty is known as ‘SMB authentication rate limiter’ (SMB authentication rate limiter) and acts on occasions when the computer is receiving a brute force attack, which tries many combinations of passwords in a very short time to try to find the one used by the user.

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What this protection does is set a time delay of 2 seconds between attempts when it detects that an incorrect username or password has been entered.

“This means that if an attacker previously sent 300 brute force attempts per second from a client for 5 minutes (90,000 passwords), the same number of attempts would now take at least 50 hours,” explains Microsoft Security Expert Ned Pyle, in a post on the TechCommunity forum.

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The goal is to make the computer a “very unattractive target for attacking local credentials via SMB,” he adds. Therefore, the company has decided to activate it by default.

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