Windows 12: everything we know about this new operating system

Less than a year after the launch of Windows 11, rumors of a new operating system continue to grow. To this is added that Microsoft has officially announced that it will change the update cycles for its operating system, which indicates that Windows 12 is a reality.

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Below we show you everything we know about the update of this new Windows operating system.

What’s new that Windows 12 will bring

Although the company has not made an official announcement, there are media rumors about the new tools. For example, the taskbar and a smart widget related to weather and temperature could be part of this update. All this after knowing the features of Windows 11 build 25158.

Also, it could include a function when copying a date, time or phone number, which would allow displaying a list of suggested actions to facilitate user activities. In this way, the tasks would be carried out in less time.

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Requirements to use Windows 12

It is normal for updates to require more capacityas they usually include new tools, new functions and the teams must be prepared to handle them without complications.

Taking into account the specifications of the previous versions, the minimum requirements to install Windows 12 could be the following:

  • 1GHz processor and 2 64-bit compatible cores
  • Memory of 4GB RAM
  • storage of 64GB

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Price and release date of the new Windows 12

Because the versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 were free, it is likely that the latter is also. Therefore, it is estimated that there will be no additional cost.

Regarding the date on which it will be available, an Argentine media assures that this new version It would arrive approximately in the year 2024three years after the release of Windows 11.

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