World Cup: Colina's explanations for the many minutes of stoppage time

The second day of the World Cup broke records in terms of minutes of stoppage time. FIFA refereeing president Pierluigi Collina explained why this is happening.

In games on the second day of the World Cup, delays lasted more than ten minutes and broke every record since the 1966 World Cup.

In the first part of England – Iran, the delays lasted 14:08 minutes, while the extra time lasted a minute less in the second part. In the second half of the match USA – Wales, the extra time lasted 10:34, while the second 45 minutes of Senegal – Netherlands had an extra time of 10:03.

FIFA refereeing president Pierluigi Collina in his statements to ESPN explained why this is happening, informing that it will be a common phenomenon at the World Cup in Qatar.

“What we’ve done since Russia is better estimate the time he’s going to have to make up. We’ve told everybody that they might see the quarterback show a lot of minutes late. If we want to see more active playing time, then we need to be ready to we give such kind of delays.

Consider how three goals are scored in a match. The celebration can last a minute and a half. So you lose five to six minutes of gameplay. We want to accurately calculate the time we will add to each half. The quarterback can do that. It was done successfully in Russia, we expect the same in Qatar,” he specifically stated.


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