But this time hell really froze over.  Text-based Ubuntu will run inside Windows

Microsoft and Linux have been friends for years, and now their relationship is at its peak. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) achieved version 1.0 and officially it is no longer about beta version. The variant in Stor specifically had this sticker. Which, from a practical point of view, might not be extra significant if Microsoft did not announce one key news.

Even in Windows 10, you can run Linux applications with a graphical interface. Originally, WSL was aimed at programs controlled by a text terminal. But the community also called for the possibility to run graphical programs from Linux in Windows. Last spring, the Redmonds began to publicly test such an option, more in Jakub Čížek’s detailed article.

But until recently, the function was only accessible in Windows 11, because it is supported only by WSL located in Stor, which was only intended for Eleven. (At the same time, its testing began in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 21364.) From now on, this is no longer the case, Microsoft support for launching also added Linux programs with a graphical interface to Windows 10because even in Desítky you will already install WLS from Stor.

And she did becomes the default option, if someone new decides to install WSL. A command is used for this wsl --install. Write again to upgrade wsl --update. Microsoft moved the Linux subsystem to Stor a year ago because that way it can update it more often compared to when WSL is a system component.

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