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At least one thing is going according to plan. Microsoft will gradually update the Photos application in Windows 11 in November, with one of the key innovations being iCloud cloud platform integration. This way, you can view your images from the apple cloud in the image viewer.

The distribution will be ready by the end of November, so if you don’t see the new features yet, please wait. Although Microsoft associated the revised Photos with Windows 11 22H2, the new functions will not be brought to you by a system update, but by a new version of the application that the manufacturer distributes through the Store.

At the same time, it seems that the application is not limited to the system version 22H2, so it will also work for you in the previous version 21H2. (On the other hand, there are many reasons not to postpone the upgrade.) But it is true that you will no longer get it in Windows 10, you must have Elevens.

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picture: Microsoft / Windows Insider Blog

However, if you’re after integration, just having the latest release of Photos isn’t enough. You must too install the app iCloud from Store. Log in there and enable synchronization with Photos. In addition, the integration consists only in browsing. Microsoft warns that if, for example, you delete an image, it is only a local change. Apple cloud sync will not happen.

Microsoft releases news gradually. Photos have also recently offered these enhancements:

  • the user interface has undergone a redesign,
  • you back up locally saved photos to OneDrive,
  • function Memories will offer you a selection of images and videos from the past,
  • working in multiple windows (and on multiple screens) is supported,
  • the application informs about the use of OneDrive and enables an increase in capacity,
  • import of images from external devices such as a smartphone is supported.

Resources: Microsoft support | Windows Experience Blog

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