reMarkable 2 review. Brilliant notebook, amazing technology and e-ink faster than iPad

A great hybrid between a notebook, e-reader and tablet Remarkable 2 received significant software modifications. Most of them are currently in beta testing mode, but they will gradually make their way into the final versions of the systems. Originally a minimalist device with a number of compromises, it will get the features that users have been calling for on discussion forums.

The first of these is the integration of cloud services Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Documents can thus be read, saved and edited directly from these repositories, and at the same time they can be downloaded from there to the notebook. Remarkbale 2 can only work with PDF, so all documents, spreadsheets and presentations will be converted to this format before opening.

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Additional features make the primary task of note-taking more enjoyable. Newly, individual pages will not be limited by a fixed size, but will be infinitely enlarged according to the required area. With the document, users will have a choice – either they choose the traditional form of several consecutive pages, or one large canvas. This automatically expands as the notes reach the edge of the page.

Support for entering text on the virtual keyboard will then be a similarly useful function. Until now, Remarkable relied purely on writing with a pen when creating notes, where the text could eventually be converted into machine form. And although he can do it perfectly even for Czech, not everyone is comfortable with this method. That is why the developers have added another novelty – the ability to work on notes both on Remarkable itself and in mobile or tablet applications. Documents are synchronized within unlimited storage, so it is possible to work on them from any supported platform.

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But the biggest change was the subscription pricing policy. Until now, there were two packages available for 4 and 6 euros, which differed in the available features. As of September 20, however, existing and new users have available one combined tariff, which includes all options from the original, more expensive tariff. But the new price is significantly more favorable – it will cost 3 dollars, or 3 euros.

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