YouTube launches DigitalizArte, the program that promotes the creation of videos on art and science

Youtube, Google Arts & Culture, Fundación Alternativas and 2btube have presented DigitalizArte, a training program to promote culture through digitization and that helps any person, institution or company to make themselves known and disseminate their work on the video platform.

This initiative is aimed at people who are related to the cultural, artistic or scientific field and will be carried out online, with a duration of 7 weeks, according to the company in a statement sent to Europa Press.

Specifically, It is focused on both small and large channels on YouTube about art, science or any cultural manifestation, as well as people interested in creating a channel from scratch related to these topics. However, it will also welcome companies and institutions in this field that want to use YouTube to publicize their projects and initiatives.

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As for the training itinerary, it covers all aspects related to the strategy and creation of content in audiovisual format, such as the production, recording or editing of videos.

Likewise, it addresses the different professional uses of YouTube and presents advice on how to publish and position videos within the platform, how to know if they are being successful, how to monetize them or how to expand audiences.

The DigitalizArte training will be given by experts on the platform and will feature the presence of successful artistic and scientific institutions on YouTube, such as Quantum Fracture, Marcos Alberca, Estudio Katastrófico, Linguriosa or the Teatro Real.

The course will have live classes, taught by professionals from YouTube and 2btube and will be broadcast from the studios of this agency. In addition, they will be accompanied by presentations and infographics, available on the course’s private platform.

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Although this course is open to all those who register on the program’s website, with this initiative a contest has been launched for those interested in more personalized training based on a scholarship system and called #BecadosDigitalizarte.

The winners will receive personalized follow-up during the training program and will be able to access the ‘2btube Channel Manager’, a professional expert in YouTube channel management, with whom they will be able to resolve possible doubts during the learning process.

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