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It would integrate several of the most popular platforms at a single price.

The battle for dominance of the segment of the streaming content platforms could soon add a new provider: Google Y Youtube renewed talks with entertainment companies about a service they refer to internally as a channel store.

The YouTube platform initiated this process for at least 18 months and could be available end of 2022as revealed The Wall Street Journal.

This possible launch will allow YouTube to catch up with companies like Roku in an attempt to gain a piece of the market capitalized by Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Primeto a greater extent.

A source familiar with the situation told the Wall Street Journal that “YouTube is discussing dividing the subscription revenue with streaming partners, although terms can vary widely for each partner.”

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The argument is that YouTube’s new channel store would provide excellent marketing for streaming services because “consumers could watch show trailers or movies for free on YouTube and then easily pay to subscribe to the service.”

We don’t know what YouTube’s channel store will look like, but it’s believed to offer “free movie or show trailers.” The idea is to entice viewers and allow them to subscribe to the relevant streaming service at the touch of a button.

The initiative of the video platform to offer paid content to users is not new, since it was launched on the market in 2016 YouTube Originals, a way of producing content for which a subscription had to be paid. However, not having the expected reception, it was canceled at the beginning of 2022 and currently offers its content for free.

Nevertheless, YouTube Premium is the name given to the platform’s paid content, and is made up of a mixed offer of YouTube Music and the removal of advertising on videos.

How YouTube TV works

streaming platforms.  Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+.  Photo: Shutterstock

streaming platforms. Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+. Photo: Shutterstock

So far, the Google video platform offers as add-ons the channels HBO Max, Showtime and AMC+ as an exclusive subscription model for the United States.

YouTube TV offers more than 85 channels, ranging from traditional broadcast networks like ABC and CBS to kid-friendly offerings (Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.) and sports options (including four ESPN channels).

There’s a mix of live and on-demand programming from each network: the service even suggests movies based on users’ interests and shares upcoming airtimes to record movies for later viewing.

Upon signing up for YouTube TV, the service prompts the subscriber to select a few of their favorite shows, which will be added to a library and set to record episodes.


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