Zamboglou with Mavroyiannis: "I respect and admire him"

The Medical Director of the German Oncology Center Dr. Nikos Zamboglou enumerates six reasons why he supports the candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis.

In the introduction he says that he “respects, admires and appreciates Andreas Mavroyiannis”, with whom he says he has a friendship of years.

“He has real intentions and potential to solve the Cyprus issue. It will stand in the way of the deep state of entanglement,” he says, among other things.
He continues by saying that Mr. Mavroyiannis, “will respect the environment, will give new perspectives to the economy.

Andreas will make the necessary changes in Education, he will support the people of letters and the arts.

It will provide the possibilities that young scientists need for research.”

“With his sensitivities for the sufferers, he has in his program an inspired plan to ensure and improve the NHS, for oncological prevention/treatment and mental health”, concludes Dr. Zamboglou.

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