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“Zero Waste Beach Awards 2022” awarded

"Zero Waste Beach Awards 2022" awarded

  • Nine offshore companies stood out among 320 entries this year Zero Waste Beach Championsin the categories of Environmental Responsibility, Sustainability, Innovation and Social Responsibility

  • Approximately 2547 tons of recyclable materials were collected under the project

The “Zero Waste Beach Awards 2022” award ceremony took place today, during which nine coastal companies were awarded for their responsibility in effectively reducing their plastic waste. The Good Practice competition is part of the innovative “Zero Waste Beach” program, implemented by the AKTI Research and Research Center, in a dynamic collaboration with the Coca-Cola Foundation (The Coca-Cola Foundation).

The award ceremony took place at Palea Elektriki in Nicosia, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Dr. Costa Kadi. Environmental responsibility, sustainability, innovation and social responsibility are the key elements that highlighted the award-winning companies.

It is noted that the awards were made from recyclable materials and were curated by artist Sose Eskijian.

In the category of large companies were awarded:

  • Prize Sustainability– KANIKA HOTELS & RESORTS

  • Prize Innovation– Atlantica Sancta Napa Hotel

  • Social Responsibility Award – LOUIS HOTELS

  • Environmental Responsibility Award– Aliathon Hotel

In the small business category, the following were awarded:

  • Prize Sustainability– Medflora Museum (detox center)

  • Environmental Responsibility Award– Grape by the sea

  • Innovation Award – Sandy Beach Bar

  • Social Responsibility Award– Technopolis20
  • The FitosInn Hotel was awarded a commendation to the hotel for its sustainable practices.

The winners managed to stand out among 320 nominations submitted by the members of the Network of Responsible Coastal Operations. The Network has been operating for 4 years within the framework of the “Zero Waste Beach” program, and aims to mobilize all stakeholders and the public in the fight against marine plastic pollution.

In his greeting, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Dr. Costas Kadis, after congratulating the contributors of “Zero Waste Beach”, stressed: “Tackling the problem of marine litter is of particular importance for Cyprus, due to its insular nature and the negative effects that waste brings to economic activities such as tourism and fishing, on which our place depends to a large extent “. He also assured the participants of the Program that in the valuable efforts and initiatives they develop, they will have the full support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, aiming at clean seas.

The Chairman of the Board of the AKTI Studies and Research Center, Dr. Xenia Loizidou, referred to the results of “Zero Waste Beach” so far. “The results of the project are significant. They show how we can achieve a lot with cooperation. Plastics left free in nature are never lost. They become microplastics and remain in the environment forever, affecting the planet’s ecosystems and public health. The companies of Cyprus have shown their great sensitivity and readiness to work together with the civil society for the reduction of the plastic pollution, for clean seas! “.

The actions of the program present impressive results from 2018 until today, as with the contribution of 25 Local Authorities, companies – members of the Network, 64 bodies of the Public sector and the collection of approximately 2547 tons of recyclable materials was achieved.

In her own greeting, Coca Cola HBC Cyprus Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Manager Melina Limnati noted Zero Waste Beach’s significant contribution to the vigilance and action of a significant portion of the population on the issue of marine plastic pollution. «The program achieved remarkable substantive and measurable results while mobilizing important sections of society starring member companies and volunteers who are a shining example to be imitated. We invite other companies to join the program Zero Waste Beach further strengthening our efforts “.

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