“Scream VI” review: Ghostface now kills in New York

Campbelle is out but Cox makes it big

Of course, film nerd Mindy gives another scholarly talk about remakes, reboots and the rules of franchises. She comes to the conclusion that the main characters no longer have any guarantee of survival. Maybe that was the reason why one of the previous “Scream” heroines doesn’t show up at all anymore: Neve Campbell isn’t involved for the first time – which should have been more a question of the fee being too low.

He can be forgiven for missing David Arquette: Since his character Dewey Riley was killed in the previous part, he has a good reason for his absence. Courteney Cox makes a big appearance as reporter Gale Weathers and has to be teased by Ghostface for having always been in the shadow of Sidney Prescott.

With Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed, a character who is familiar to us from “Scream 4” also returns; meanwhile she has had an unusual career. Happy to see the talented Panettiere back on screen.

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