SDO Mayor Announces Plan to Together with People to Solve Problems

The mayor of Santo Domingo Oeste, José Andújar, announced on Tuesday a plan of sectoral meetings from the next few days to dedicate a day to each community, listen to their needs and, together, develop the projects that each area demands through participatory budgeting. .

When speaking to community leaders who participated in a meeting to form the Economic and Municipal Community Council, Mayor Andújar insisted that community members are the true protagonists of the development processes of each area.

“From the next few days we are going to make a calendar and together with you we will be in all sectors of the municipality for a day with the community where exactly the participatory budget will come from there, in which you will be the heads and managers of the solution of the problems of these sectors ”, he added.

He stressed that upon reaching the Mayor’s Office, it was found that the Santo Domingo Oeste municipality was the most suburban, with the greatest insecurity and with the highest accumulated social debt and that it has always wanted to work hand in hand with the community, who are the true actors of each zone.

He stressed that they do not have the resources required to satisfy all the needs, but affirmed that every penny that is handled is with transparency. “Here there is no room for corruption, here there is transparency,” he insisted.

He said he was proud of the achievements made so far and told the community members that the proper functioning of the city council is linked to the community and that if the municipality is strengthened in a comprehensive manner, it will be a success for the municipalities and therefore the authorities.

During the meeting, the composition of the community councils, their functionality and responsibility was presented.

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