International journalistic investigation accuses the Chilean president of evading taxes in Tax Havens and conflict of interest to support Dominga project.


© Agency One.President Piñera is referred to a possible conflict of interest in the publication.

Led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Pandora Papers emerges as a journalistic investigative work focused on great world leaders and its economic actions.

With a leak of confidential files of 14 law firms specialized in the creation of companies in countries such as Panama, the British Virgin Islands or the Bahamas, more than 600 journalists from 117 countries have worked on the project under the coordination of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) (Ciper and LaBot were the participating Chilean media).

In this context, last Sunday there was news worldwide and this publication made a strong impression in Chile, due to the fact that it quotes President Sebastián Piñera from have direct participation with their actions and conflict of interest during their mandate by approving the Dominga mining project.

What do the Pandora Papers say about Sebastián Piñera?

According to the aforementioned publication, in it the President of the Republic of Chile is referred to as evading taxes in tax havens in the British Virgin Islands and also seal the sale of the Dominga Mining project, together with Carlos Alberto Délano. This, in an initiative that recently was in debate for its operation.

Based on Dominga project, and always according to the publication of the Pandora Papers, it is reported that the payment of the third installment of Délano would imply that the Piñera government did not declare it as a natural reserve the area where the project will be built.

“Piñera and his family were originally the largest shareholders in the Dominga project, with 33%. Adding Délano’s percentage, the friends had 56% of the business… The distribution of shares was maintained until December 2010, when Délano bought for 152 million dollars the percentage of all the partners, including Piñera’s. The operation was sealed with an act signed in Chile by 14 million dollars and another in the British Virgin Islands for 138 million dollars “, part accusing the publication.

Based on this, it is added that “the amount had to be paid in three installments: on December 10, 106.8 million dollars would be paid and on January 18 another 21 million dollars. The balance would be pending until December 31, 2011. This last payment, however, had one condition: it would only be made if the State did not declare a nature reserve the area where Dominga was to be developed., as the environmentalists claimed at that time ”.

During the day there will be an official voice of President Piñera, despite the fact that in the presidential press they denied these accusations, in the middle of subpoenas on constitutional accusation in the opposition.

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