Second dose blocked with J&J - FDA may recommend mRNA vaccine

The Food and Drug Administration showed a “yellow card” to the vaccine company Johnson & Johnson, questioning the possibility of the injectable preparation to be administered as a booster dose.

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According to the FDA, according to the New York Times, experts are skeptical of Johnson & Johnson’s request to obtain permission for the booster dose.

Johnson & Johnson’s low mRNA vaccine protection against the coronavirus and its mutations was the basis for the US agency’s decision to block.

The meeting of the experts of the American organization, next Friday, will significantly affect 15 million US citizens who have received the monosodium preparation and are preparing to make the second aid dose. They may be recommended to use another company (Pfizer or Moderna) for the so-called booster dose.

Johnson & Johnson had previously reported that a booster dose of 56 days after the initial vaccination offered 75% protection worldwide.

The FDA focused its report on global data, which showed only a small increase from the 66% of the first dose shield.

Source: First Issue

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