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Despite the increase in the number of women enrolled in scientific careers in recent decades, the global number of female researchers in the field of science is still very small. According to data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), less than 30% of researchers in STEM areas are women.

In order to reduce the gender gap, achieve greater access to disciplinas STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering y Mathematics) and guarantee greater diversity in this type of field, 3M announced the call for the second edition of 25 Women on the Science Latin America 2022; an initiative that will allow the company to continue its work of continuing to be an agent of change that inspires more women and the new generations of girls to study and work in areas related to the science, as well as to recognize the scientists women you are making an impact through your research.

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“Understand the power of science and its relevance for a better future has allowed us since 3M take action to promote inclusion. For this reason, last year we made the decision to develop a long-term program that would allow us to disseminate to all those women who are changing the world through science, and which in turn will help inspire future generations to pursue their career dreams STEM. Without a doubt, the response we got in the first edition was incredible and we are sure that this year will not be the exception ”, commented Adriana Rius, director of communication and brand for 3M Latin America.

The first edition of this initiative had the participation of more than a thousand Latin American scientists, who presented their projects and stories to a qualifying jury that selected at 25 women leading scientists from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Uruguay.

The call will be open until October 22 at through this link.


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