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Moscow businessmen are trying to challenge the arbitration decision, according to which they owe millions to people who are considered fraudulent… The businessmen were allegedly sold certain goods that they had not ordered, and were sued for non-payment of the debt. And then this total debt of the company, which turned out to be one-day, was assigned to the only company-beneficiary, entrepreneurs say. Possible losses totaled more than 10 million rubles. It will be difficult to challenge the deal, lawyers say. The entrepreneurs do not give up and sent collective letters to law enforcement agencies with a request to initiate a criminal case.

Unexpected debts

Individual entrepreneurs in Moscow consider themselves victims of a sophisticated fraudulent scheme… According to them, allegedly due to a well-thought-out strategy and filigree forgery of documents, they unexpectedly acquired the status of debtors for themselves and faced the brink of bankruptcy, the entrepreneurs told Izvestia. These are Irina Andreeva, Irina Trushkina, Evgenia Guseva, Oksana Bogdanova, Alexey Makarov, Anna Makarova, Olga Sokolova, Nadezhda Fedorova and Alexey Smirnov.

Their stories are similar to each other. According to the stories of entrepreneurs, one-day firms allegedly supplied businessmen with various goods, judging by the invoices, in huge quantities… For example, to the spouses Anna and Alexei Makarov, owners of a small furniture store in Moscow, a certain Vesta company, judging by the documents, supplied 300 tons of building materials – bricks and cement – for a total of 900 thousand rubles. According to the papers, the goods were brought not to the store, but to the apartment on Altayskaya Street. The spouses began to understand and saw that in the documents such a large-scale delivery was carried out under one consignment note.

Photo: Izvestia / Zurab Javakhadze

“That is, it turns out that they brought it all to us in one machine, the carrying capacity of which should be approximately 300 tons,” Anna Makarova clarified.

The spouses claim that they did not receive the cargo, and they only learned about the “purchase” when the first 200 thousand rubles were debited from their personal cards and current account.… Later, the entrepreneurs discovered that restrictions for another 740 thousand rubles were imposed on their property and accounts, and their apartment was arrested.

A lawsuit against the individual entrepreneur Irina Trushkina was also filed by LLC Vesta, but this organization was managed by another general director and was characterized by a different main type of activity. Irinina “Vesta” according to the documents is engaged in the sale of building materials, and the claim concerns the supply of tanning salons, which, according to the woman, were not brought to her. The company of the same name, which made claims to the spouses Makarov, has cosmetics as its main activity.

According to Alexei Smirnov, allegedly fraudsters wrote off debts of 3.3 million rubles from him… This is the largest amount disputed by entrepreneurs. In other cases, we are talking about debts in the amount of 800-900 thousand rubles.

Money in the morning, armchairs in the evening

Individual entrepreneur Oksana Bogdanova owns a small hairdressing salon, which has not even opened yet. According to the businesswoman, allegedly the scammers decided to “sell” her 38 hairdressing chairs, which she “hadn’t seen”.

– On June 3, I saw that the money had been debited from my card and that SDEK LLC was a recoverer under some supply agreement that I had not signed. I went to court, got acquainted with the case materials, it turned out that I did not come to the hearing and lost it. The property was arrested, all accounts were blocked, – said Oksana Bogdanova.

Evgenia Guseva claims that she was also “supplied” with 38 nonexistent hairdressing chairs. Another entrepreneur told about the same scheme with soil.

All entrepreneurs who consider themselves victims of fraudsters say that they did not know about the lawsuits and did not receive summons to the court session.

– If we had come to the first meeting, then, of course, we would have easily challenged everything. And so we were charged that we did not show up there, in the end we lost, – said Anna Makarova.

Oksana Bogdanova said that in the appeal and cassation instances she was accused of missing the first session, where it was necessary to prove the falsity of all the documents.

Photo: IZVESTIYA / Konstantin Kokoshkin

“If you didn’t show up, answer me,” they told me in court. I went to the Simonov Prosecutor’s Office, they told me that the court’s decision, in their opinion, should be canceled. They promised to help. But they said that it is extremely difficult to start a criminal case when there is a court decision. Because if the court has decided, then it has figured it out, – said Oksana Bogdanova.

According to businessmen, the plaintiffs did not appear in court either.referring to the coronavirus. The decision was made in the absence of both parties.

They tried to recover 1.9 million rubles from the entrepreneur Svetlana Smirnova, but the court did not accept the claim for consideration.

– The court asked the plaintiff for the books of purchases and sales. Of course, they didn’t submit anything. And the judge refused, – said Oksana Bogdanova.

The entrepreneur herself filed a counterclaim with a request to declare the transaction null and void, the court is already underway, the next meeting is scheduled for December 13. Oksana Bogdanova made a handwriting examination and is going to prove that all the signatures in the documents and the seal are forged. Alexey Makarov claims that his personal phone numbers were forged, and the plaintiffs themselves are “not subscribers”.

All entrepreneurs first saw the invoices for the allegedly purchased goods in the case materials, they assure… According to the businessmen, none of the plaintiffs even paid the state fee when filing an application to the court. Immediately after the victory in court, all firms announced their liquidation and sold the debts of the victims to one company – SDEK LLC (we are not talking about a well-known logistics company, but about the one of the same name), follows from the documents at the disposal of the editorial office. According to the securities, this company bought out a multimillion-dollar collective debt for 98 thousand rubles.

According to the documents, the company’s office is located in an ordinary high-rise building in the south of Moscow. Izvestia decided to go to the firm’s legal address, but they could not find representatives there, or at least an office. Apart from a grocery store and a hairdresser’s, commercial premises are no longer there.

Store data from a young age

According to individual entrepreneurs, professional fraudsters who are very clear about legal proceedings have worked with them. It will be extremely difficult to return the money, because they left the accounts of entrepreneurs in a legal way., Timur Matveev, the lawyer of the victims, told Izvestia.

– The problem is that many individual entrepreneurs and legal entities do not know the requirements of the law. The court notice is kept in the mail for only one week. If there is no legal entity at the legal address, or the entrepreneur has not received a notification, the court will consider the case in one court session. The plaintiff’s claim is usually satisfied because no one came to the hearing. The decision comes into force, and the money is debited from the entrepreneur’s accounts, – he said.

Such a scheme is quite common not only in relation to entrepreneurs, but also to individuals, the lawyer warned. To avoid trouble, he recommended that all citizens regularly check their mailbox and register for public services in order to track all court notices.

Photo: Izvestia / Kristina Kormilitsyna

– A entrepreneurs and legal entities need to register on the arbitration website in order to monitor whether they have received any claims. Then they will be able to see them in time and have time to submit objections. In our history, the company was closed, the debt was resold to a third company, and everything is legal – the money is gone. The ends are now very difficult to find. If only to try to get the money back within the framework of a criminal case, – he summed up.

Theoretically, the data of all eight entrepreneurs could get publicly available and further into the darknet, where, perhaps, attackers could safely acquire them, suggested Vladislav Golushko, a software engineer at Unitess.

– You can remember how in 2019 the data of Sberbank credit cards got to the Network. It is possible that this leak could contain information about entrepreneurs. These people could be chosen by chance. It is important to understand that it is almost impossible to delete data from the Web, traces always remain, – he stated.

Personal data leaks have happened and will continue to happen, so Internet users should set complex passwords, double authentication, check their devices with antivirus and not visit suspicious sites. Then the chances of hacking will decrease, the specialist said.

And the chairman of the Moscow collegium of lawyers “Arutyunov and partners” Alexander Arutyunov told Izvestia that this kind of fraud could affect any entrepreneur. He advised filing civil claims in a criminal case, which, he hopes, will still be initiated.

Businessmen who consider themselves victims of fraudsters they do not plan to pay debts that have arisen from nowhere. They already hired a team of lawyers and made a collective statement to the police and the Investigative Committee with a request to organize an investigation. Documents and confirmations that they have been accepted by law enforcement officers are at the disposal of the editorial office. Izvestia sent inquiries to these departments.

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