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Secret Truths 2

Camila Queiroz’s departure from Verdades Secretas 2 generated ‘climate’ behind the scenes of the telenovela

Secret Truth 2 farewell party was canceled after Camila Queiroz left
© Play/GloboplaySecret Truth 2 farewell party was canceled after Camila Queiroz left

After the controversy with Camila Queiroz, the recordings of Secret Truths 2 end this Wednesday (24), without the protagonist. But, according to the column by Ancelmo Gois, from the newspaper O Globo, the farewell party with the cast is cancelled.

Amora Mautner, the soap’s artistic director, initially thought of a small celebration for the entire team. However, the professional chose to change the plans amidst the imbroglio with the interpreter of Angel.

Also as revealed by Ancelmo, the atmosphere generated by the departure of the star of Secret Truths 2 was the main reason for Amora’s decision.

Protagonist exit

Camila Queiroz left the cast of Secrets 2 after making alleged “unacceptable contractual requirements”, according to a statement from Globo. The 28-year-old actress countered and said she was surprised by the “changed direction of the novel”.

With the third season of the series in development, Lara (Júlia Byrro) and Matheus (Bruno Montaleone) should be the new protagonists, according to columnist André Romano, from the TV Observatory.

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