Secretary of Santa Marta invites young people to get vaccinated
Photo taken from Google to illustrate

Due to the low numbers of vaccination against covid-19 in the young population in Santa Marta, the Secretary of Economic Development of the capital of Magdalena, Iván Calderón, made a curious invitation to young people.

And it is that in an interview with Blu Radio, Calderón pointed out that: “according to recent reports, people who do not get vaccinated and get COVID, run the risk of shortening their virile member or also losing potency due to COVID, especially young people. who have not been vaccinated,” he said.

In this sense, the official invited young people to get vaccinated: “That’s why young people get vaccinated against COVID-19 so that their virile member does not shorten,” he stressed.

According to the covid vaccination figures in Santa Marta, 35% of the population between 20 and 29 years of age, has the complete scheme. Regarding the booster dose in this specific population, only 3% have received it.

Let us remember that in the last hours it was known that a curious medical case is being widely shared in the world, after a man claimed that his penis was reduced by 4 centimeters, after recovering from covid-19.

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