Security: After wave of violence in Zacatecas, they will reinforce military presence

Security: After living weeks of terror in Zacatecas after the discovery of several lifeless bodies hanging on bridges and trees, the federal government presented the Zacatcas Support Plan, where they will reinforce the area with the presence of the Army and the National Guard, where 3 thousand 848 troops will arrive.

During the event, the secretary of the National defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, indicated that there are currently 1,744 military elements and 1,644 National Guard deployed, to which 210 members of the National Guard will be added. army and 250 of the GN.

Three helicopter gunships will also be dispatched for security enhancement tasks; an intelligence group will be created and the Zacatecas limits with neighboring states.

At the presentation of the support plan, led by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the general acknowledged that homicides in the state have tripled in the last three years. He explained that in 2019 there were 560 murders in the entity, in 2020 there were 920 crimes and so far in 2021 there are 1,277, “so the projection is that we will almost reach 1,500.”

They sign support for Zacatecas in the face of the wave of insecurity that is being experienced.

The military command He said that the municipality of Fresnillo – where eight people were found murdered and hanged on Tuesday – ranks 20th nationally among the municipalities with the most homicides.

Cresencio Sandoval explained that the strategy will divide the state into three sections: north, center and south, where the number of elements will be reinforced, and announced that next year there will be nine facilities of the National Guard.

President Lopez Obrador He pointed out that the best way to deal with this problem is “by doing good and not facing evil with evil.” He stressed the importance of serving young people to “take away the reserve army from criminals.”

The governor David monreal thanked the President the presentation of the security plan and acknowledged that the entity is going through a difficult time. “It is a complex moment, difficult for our state; they passed their hand, “he said.

This is the third support plan presented by the federal government in the country, mainly in states where violence by organized crime has increased; all three, currently ruled by Morena.

On Michoacan, the head of the Sedena announced an available force of 17 thousand troops; on GuerreroIt was said that there were 7,236 soldiers deployed and 3,330 from the GN, to which 200 marines would be added.


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