Security in Irapuato: Fight for custody of girl ends in fight and shooting

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- A fight between one young man couple by custody from his is, younger, It ended with the maternal grandfather injured by an ammunition from an air pistol in Edificios San José.

The assault occurred around 9 pm within one the buildings, specifically the one that overlooks the San Carlos street with San Daniel street.

It is known that Public Security attended at 6 in the afternoon a report of a fight in this same place, with the same participants, so when they arrived they deterred the fight and both parties withdrew.

However at 9 pmAccording to information obtained from the Municipal Police, the young man of approximately 18 years of age, He returned to the home of his former partner with the intention of seeing his daughter, but began to quarrel with her.

It was in this way that the young woman’s father, a man of approximately 46 years old, who was in the house, came out and confronted his ex-son-in-law, so the young man drew the airgun and fired it several times, injuring the adult in the arm and chest.

Between the struggle, the young man suffered a minor wound to the chest, it is unknown if it was caused by the same weapon.

Both were treated by paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross and Civil Protection. The adult was taken to a city hospital for medical attention, while the young man denied his transfer and was detained by the Municipal Police for his injuries.

The area was monitored by elements of the National Guard, the Army and the Municipal Police, they withdrew from the place after the arrest.


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