Security in Irapuato: they will analyze commitments according to the budget

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- Although the municipal president, Lorena Alfaro signed the 30 commitments for Security in Irapuato with the Citizen Observatory, Irapuato How are we going?, presented to him during his campaign, several of these are subject to the resource that the administration is going to have, so they will seek to meet with it to see how it can work.

Raul Calvillo Villalobos, president of the observatory commented that the commitments are a follow-up on the commitments that were signed with former mayor Ricardo Ortiz and most of them have progress, some were met and others were almost unfulfilled, but many others did not have much progress.

Now with the new administration headed by the accountant Lorena Alfaro, we will be following up, there are quite a few issues that we touch on, because each issue has its own commitments, “he said.

He mentioned that they understand that several of the agencies that the municipal president signed are related to the issue of money and the public resource that is going to be exercised, therefore in these months there is a meeting with the mayor to see how it is delivered the municipal administration.

Once we see how it is delivered, then sit down with her and see how we are going to see the progress of the commitments, which is what we can expect from the fulfillment of these commitments and follow-up punctually as we had been doing in the previous administration “, express.

The commitments for security in Irapuato depend on the budget

Calvillo Villalobos mentioned that all the commitments were signed, but with the annotations that several they were conditioned to the budget you have, something that is valid because the previous administration informed them that due to the cuts of the federation they were not able to carry out all of them.

He noted that among those that stand out are the number of preventive police that have to be increased each year, as well as the fact that 100% of the police officers have their approved police certificate, which this time was 93%.

This is very interesting because 3 years ago this same commitment was made but the previous mayor did not sign it, so according to the data we collected from the municipal public security secretary, from the previous three-year period, the former secretary told us that they were on 93 o 94% of unique certificates ”, he referred.

Besides that they must have tests of control and confidence in all personnel, as well as the time of police training and something that added to the security commitment and in which the secretary is involved is that the evidence of control and confidence is shown.

He reported that there are criminal incidence commitments, which are a follow-up of those already had such as business robbery, home, violence, intra-family violence, as well as the increase the number of traffic police, reduce the total number of traffic accidents and meters of recreational areas.

In the same way, economic support was requested for civil associations, which was already given in the past administration, but it seeks to make it more public and transparent so that people are aware that certain organizations are supported, so they were given a list of which ones could benefit.

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