Security Irapuato: They shoot an older adult to steal his truck in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- With luxury of violence, and armed hand, An older adult was robbed of his truck while shopping at a grocery store.

The man was shot after resisting being robbed of his truck and who attended the business was also injured in a blow.

Initial data revealed that the events occurred the night of on Manuel M. Moreno Street, before reaching the intersection with Mariano Abasolo Avenue, in the colony Miguel Hidalgo.

It was around 10 at night when two armed men rebuked an older adult, who is known to have gotten out of the car to make some purchases at a grocery store, at which time two armed men approached and threatened with a weapon. stripping him of the vehicle.

Apparently, the injured person would be the owner of the car and at the time of the assault, he would have tried to resist, so he was injured by a bullet.

After the fact, the truck was stolen, they fled immediately.

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Irapuato Security: Relatives ask for help to locate the van

For its part, The 74-year-old man, faced with the cries for help, was helped by relatives and neighbors in the area who immediately transferred him to a hospital, due to the fact that he presented an injury to the appendix due to a gunshot.

The shopkeeper, a 60-year-old man, was injured in the head by a blow.

In a profile on Facebook, family members have requested the support of users to find the whereabouts of the truck, where if they have any information, they request to contact the phone number 4622993525.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security informed through its social communication area that it had the report at 9:27 at night.

So far it is unknown if a complaint was filed with the State Attorney General’s Office for this violent robbery.

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