Françoise Forton is a veteran TV actress. The artist started her career in 1969 at Globo and has already worked for other channels, such as Record. In the 80s and 90s, she became famous for playing the protagonists of soap operas such as Tieta (1989), Perigosas Peruas (1992) and Explode Coração (1995). His last job on the small screens was in 2019, at Record. Where is Françoise Forton today?

Françoise Forton hoje

The artist has not made novels for two years. In 2019, she played Olympia in Amor Sem Igual, by Record. Before that, she was in dozens of Globo productions, such as Tempo de Amar (2017), I Love Paraisópolis (2015), Sex and as Negas (2o14), Amor à Vida (2013). The carioca was one of the participants in the reality Super Chef Celebridades, shown at Mais Você in 2018, and in Dança dos Famosos, in 2015.

In the carioca’s curriculum, there are also Record soaps such as Ribeirão do Tempo (2010), Promessas de Amor (2009), Caminhos do Coração (2008) and Luz do Sol (2007).

Today, the artist is 64 years old. When she was 33, she went through a delicate moment in her life when she discovered cervical cancer – it was precisely at the time she played the villain Helena in the soap opera Tieta, one of Globo’s biggest hits. Fortunately, the actress overcame her illness and turned that page in her life.

Currently, Françoise is married to producer Eduardo Barata, with whom she has been together since 2010. She has a son, Guilherme Forton Viotti, the result of a previous relationship.

For those who miss seeing the actress on the small screen, the carioca is on the air in the rerun of O Clone, at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo. In the story written by Gloria Perez, she plays Simone Castelar.

On Instagram, the actress shares many memories of her main works on Globo and in theater.

Françoise Forton currently – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Françoise Forton hoje
Françoise and her husband Eduardo Barata – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Françoise Forton hoje
Françoise Forton today – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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