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In the next chapters of the 9:00 soap opera, Cora dies in Império. The villain’s trajectory comes to an end after being shot during the samba school parade. The end of the character will be shown on Wednesday, October 13th, while the woman’s last breaths will happen in the chapters on Saturday (16) and Monday (18), according to the summaries provided by TV Globo.

How does Cora die in Empire?

Cora will be at the samba school parade when she will be hit by a gunshot. In the scene where she is shot, Marjorie Estiano’s character will ride on the float in which José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) is and wounded in the commander’s place.

The assassination attempt is carried out by Maurilio, who is at the place dressed as ‘Death’. After the plan goes wrong and sees that Cora is the one who dies in Império and not José Alfredo, the man becomes frustrated and burns the costume to try to hide the evidence.

Upon being hit, Cora is taken to the hospital. The woman is in critical condition and struggles to survive. Before passing away, the shrew will still have an erotic dream with José Alfredo. Even if it is only in her imagination, she will finally fulfill her dream of losing her virginity to her lover.

After the “night of love” with the commander, Cora says goodbye to the president of Império and repeats a few times that she loves him. In the next scene, the woman recounts the presence of a nurse in the room and shortly thereafter dies alone, in a hospital bed. Doctors try to revive her, but it’s too late.

Character invades the Medeiros family car – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução


How will the carnival parade be?

The theme of the União de Santa Teresa samba school, by Seu Antoninho (Roberto Bonfim), is about the history of the jeweler Império and the famous man in black, José Alfredo. The idea came after the false death of the commander.

Maria Marta and José Alfredo’s children are placed on a float that symbolizes José Alfredo’s empire, while Xana (Aílton Graça), Lorraine (Dani Barros), Ismael (Jonas Torres) and Maria Isis (Marina Ruy Barbosa) follow along the track.

Initially, José Alfredo would not be in this float, despite Antoninho’s invitation. However, Alexandre Nero’s character changes his mind and climbs into the car and stays next to Maria Marta, while the children are at the bottom.

During the parade, Cora is shot, who later dies in Império, because the woman decides to get into the car to talk to the commander just as Maurílio tries to shoot José Alfredo.

Float parade through the sambódromo – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

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