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each character of the ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ can earn up to R$60 thousand; Check the details

The edition featured 12 famous people in costume, so far eight have been "unmasked" by the public.


© Reproduction/GlobeThe edition featured 12 famous people in costume, so far eight have been “unmasked” by the public.

The masked participants of the ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’, from TV Globo, receive fees from the network to participate in the attraction. According to columnist André Romano, from Observatório da TV, each character can earn up to R$60 thousand, being R$10 thousand per month for participation in the program.

The edition featured 12 costumed celebrities, so far eight were “unmasked” by the public. Featured participant Unicórnio, who has been one of the biggest highlights of the reality show since the beginning of the edition. Among the guesses made by the judges are Sophia Abrahão, Sophie Charlotte, Agatha Moreira, Camila Queiroz, Priscilla Alcântara and Manu Gavassi.

the first unmasked from the reality show was the singer Sidney Magal, dressed as Dogão. The second to leave the program was the presenter Renata Ceribelli, dressed as Brigadeiro. Marcelinho Carioca, was the third eliminated dressed as Coqueiro. Marrone was the fourth participant who left the attraction after dressing up as Boi-bumbá.

in the fifth episode, Alexandre Borges was discovered. He was dressed as a Jaguar. The sixth episode eliminated Sandra de Sá who was wearing the Sunflower costume. Then Sergio Loroza was behind the Astronaut costume. The last elimination was of the singer Mart’nália, who was dressed as Jacaré.

Currently, the program led by Ivete Sangalo is already the largest audience of the Rio station’s line of shows since its debut. Even though nothing is confirmed, the company is already negotiating a second season for 2022.

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