See how the premiere of ‘Dancing with the Famous’ was

		Videos: See how the premiere of 'Dance of the Famous' was
Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

The new season of “Dance of the Famous” premiered this Sunday (19). The painting, presented by Luciano Huck, surprised viewers and Internet users with the unprecedented dynamics of group dancing. The debut rhythm was the ‘Disco’.

The technical and fixed jury of the attraction is formed by Zebrinha, Carlinhos de Jesus and Ana Botafogo. At the premiere, the artistic jury included Leo Santana, Lore Improta and Marina Ruy Barbosa. See how the presentations went below:

Group A: formed by Heloisa Perissé, Bruno Cabrerizo, Gabi Melim and Rafael Infante.

Group D: Priscila Fantin, Nattan, Linn da Quebrada and Guito.

Group C: Belo, Juliana Alves, Douglas Silva and Carla Diaz.

Group B: Daiane dos Santos, Bruno Garcia, Thiago Oliveira and Rafa Kalimann.

After the presentations and the sum of the judges’ scores, group C did better and leads the dispute so far with 59.1. Group B had a total of 59. As for Group A, 58.8. At the bottom of the competition is group D with 58.6.


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