actors fired from Globo in 2021

The departure of Camila Queiroz from Rede Globo sparked controversy on social networks and entered the most talked about topics on the internet. Despite the resignation of the protagonist of Secret Truths has stopped the websites and programs of celebrities in the country, this was not the first resignation of the network in 2021. Remember the main actors who were fired from Globo in 2021:

Camila Queiroz is out of Secret Truths

Camila Queiroz – Photo: Reproduction

Actress Camila Queiroz, who gave life to Angel in Verdades Secretas, is out of Globo. Protagonist, she left the plot after controversies involving the character’s future and the contractual frictions that took place between the network and Queiroz. In a note, TV announced that Camila joined the team of actors who were fired from Globo in 2021.

Camila accused Globo of wanting to punish her for having signed a contract with Netflix to present the Wedding at Cegas Brasil and, therefore, would bring a tragic end to Angel’s story. In addition to the drama of being fired, the actress also had a disagreement with Walcyr Carrasco.

Lázaro Ramos – Actors fired from Globo in 2021

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

One of the best-known names at the network, Lázaro Ramos is one of the actors fired from Globo in 2021. He left the network after 19 years of work, which happened by mutual agreement between those involved.

The actor, like Camila Queiroz, joined the list of actors who no longer want exclusive contracts with broadcasters and are betting on streaming services.

Ingrid Guimaraes

Actors fired from Globo in 2021
Elvira Matamouros (Ingrid Guimarães) – Photo: Reproduction/Globe

Shortly after Lázaro Ramos’ announcement, it was Ingrid Guimarães’ turn to use social media to tell fans that she is no longer part of the network’s staff. She, who became famous for playing humorous characters in works such as the hit ‘Under New Direction’ and the remake of Professor Raimundo’s Chosen.

She joined Globo’s list of laid-off actors in 2021 to join the Amazon Prime Video team. She will make exclusive products, series and movies for streaming.

Reynaldo Gianecchini – Actors fired from Globo in 2021

Actors fired from Globo in 2021
Actor Reynaldo Gianecchini – Photo: Reproduction

Like Camila Queiroz, Reynaldo Gianecchini also joined the Netflix contract team. He left Globo after 21 years of contract and is about to play a villain in the series ‘Good Morning, Veronica’. On Globo, among the main soap operas by Gianecchini are Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003), Da Cor do Pecado (2004) and A Dona do Pedaço (2019).

Grazi Massafera

Grazi Massafera – Photo: Reproduction

After 16 years of contract, which began at BBB 5, Grazi announced that she was disconnected from the channel and joined the team of actors fired at Globo in 2021. Despite rumors of backstage friction, the actress said on social media that she is leaving Globo broadcaster with great gratitude for the history he lived. “I leave knowing that Globo may no longer be my address, but it could be a reason to visit”, he said.

Klebber Toledo – Actors fired from Globo in 2021

leonardo final empire
Klebber Toledo is Leonardo in Empire – Photo: Divulgation/Globo

Like the beloved, Klebber Toledo is also part of the Netflix team and also presents the Wedding to the Blind Brazil. At Globo, he stood out in titles such as Império (2015), Morde e Assombra (2011) and Êta Mundo Bom (2016).

Cissa Guimaraes

Cissa Guimarães left Globo after 40 years at the channel. The announcement of the resignation took place in October – even when the presenter was in charge of “É de Casa”. To this day, the artist is remembered for her long work on the Video Show, where she stayed for fifteen years (1986 – 2001),

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