They apply reinforcement of the COVID vaccine to 80 thousand workers in the education sector

Mexico City.- “The root of all evil is the love of money,” replied the Secretary of the Interior. Adam Augusto López reiterating that there are no extra resources from the federal government for the National Electoral Institute (INE) perform the mandate revocation query.

The holder of the Segob said he respects the opinion of the councilors of the OTHER They accused that if the revocation of the mandate is not carried out with all the boxes, it will be the responsibility of the federal government.

“Once again we reiterate there is an in-depth analysis of the institute’s budget, hopefully they would decide to apply those austerity measures, which do not affect the number of places, they do not affect the staff or the workers,” said Adán Augusto López.

The holder of the Segob reproached the workers of the OTHER have insurance for major medical expenses, because if they are government employees, they should be treated at the ISSSTE.

They propose austerity plan to the INE

Adán Augusto López said that it is the responsibility of OTHER that the revocation of mandate is carried out correctly.

Yesterday the owner of the Segob announced that the federal government does not have extra resources for the INE and in exchange for the morning conference they presented an austerity plan that presumably represents a saving of 2,972 million pesos, while the INE requires 1,738.94 million pesos.

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