If you were given the opportunity to choose, Selena Gomez he would like to “be invisible for a day”, since “he is guilty of wanting to please everyone”. This is what he confessed to EFE in an exclusive interview he gave on the occasion of the premiere of the fourth installment of the animated film “Hotel Transylvania, in which he gives voice to the young Mavis Dracula.

“I’m guilty of wanting to please, of wanting everyone to be happy. Something that is also Mavis’s goal, as she tries to keep the family together and everyone get along”, counted the singer Y actress.

After three successful theatrical releases, the characters of “Hotel TransylvaniaThey return this Friday with a new adventure for the whole family that will be available worldwide through the Amazon Prime platform.

Gómez (Grand Prairie, USA, 1992) has been giving voice to the protagonist of the animated saga for almost ten years, which has a cast that also includes Andy Samberg, Kathryn Hahn and Steve Buscemi.

“Each film has been a challenge for me, because I have continued to grow and my voice has also been changing,” Gomez recalls. “So whenever I went back to the studio, I needed to record several takes to return to the same character and keep his voice so high-pitched.”

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Within the competitive and varied world of animation, this Sony Pictures Animation title, which takes up classic characters from the world of horror such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster and turns them into protagonists of adventures for the little ones, has managed to carve out an important niche in Hollywood.

Since its premiere in 2012, “Hotel Transylvania” and its two sequels – released in 2015 and 2018 – have earned more than 1,000 million dollars and maintain a loyal audience, something increasingly complicated in the film industry.

Sample of the passage of time is that the actress, who debuted in the franchise at the age of 20 and is now 29, is now one of the producers of the fourth film, whose full title is “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania “.

In the new film, the protagonists discover an invention that turns humans into monsters and monsters into humans, so Dracula and his friends transform into people while Mavid’s husband, Johnny (Andy Samberg), enjoys his new life as a monster

When the machine stops working, Mavis travels the world to find a solution to undo the change before it’s too late.

“It’s fun to also offer a bit of humor for the adults and make everyone enjoy it,” says Gómez about the possible “secret” of the success of the franchise.

Although it is not the only production that the artist stars in with great popularity.

“Selena + Chef”, the cooking show that premiered in 2020, is already preparing its fourth season on HBO Max, and the Hulu comedy “Only Murders in the Building” will premiere a second batch of episodes after the first has This year he received nominations for the Golden Globes, the Critic’s Choice and the Hollywood Screen Actors Guild Awards.

“I love my job. I’ve been doing it since I was 7 years old. I don’t know how to do anything else and I’ll keep doing it until I stop having fun and want to relax and be a mother one day,” admits Gómez.

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