Self-assessment tool for coronavirus and online PLF are down...


The self-evaluation tool for the coronavirus, which can be reached via, cannot be reached on Sunday evening. In this way the population can obtain a test code. The online Passenger Locator Form (PLF) cannot be filled in for the time being. The FPS Public Health confirms that there are problems. “There is a breakdown at IT supplier Smals, and the technicians are working on it,” said spokeswoman Wendy Lee.

evdgSource: BELGIAN

Today at 20:45

The MijnGezondheid site itself is also almost completely empty. The site collects various links and information about, among other things, the coronavirus, such as the self-evaluation tool. This tool should relieve the pressure on the over-requested GPs. Since 3 November, anyone with mild corona symptoms can complete a self-evaluation via and – if necessary – create an activation code to have a free corona test taken at a pharmacist or in a test center.

In addition, it is also impossible to fill in the online PLF on Sunday evening. The paper form can still be found via, another government site. If you urgently need to fill in such a form, you can print it there and then fill it in. Wendy Lee, spokeswoman for the FPS Public Health, points out that the form can be completed 180 days, and therefore six months, in advance.

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