REACTION - Augusto Aras:

The Senate Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Legislation recently approved a request to invite the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, to provide clarification on the progress of the measures adopted in light of the facts raised and the indictments contained in the CPI report on the Pandemic .

Author of the request, senator Randolfe Rodrigues, who was vice president of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, proposed that Aras’ departure be scheduled for the second week of December.

The CPI’s final report was delivered to Aras on October 27, one day after its approval. In his hearing for the reappointment, the attorney general said he would analyze the report within the legal deadline of 30 days.

After approval of the application on Tuesday, Randolfe recalled that it is up to Aras to analyze the suggestion of indicting at least eight people with privileged jurisdiction, including President Jair Bolsonaro. The senator then criticized the attorney general’s announcement that he would launch “preliminary investigations.”

“The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Pandemic carried out a non-preliminary investigation, but an in-depth investigation, for six months. It took six months, and it was transparent”, declared Randolfe.

“The Attorney General’s justification does not hold up. There is no reason for a preliminary investigation when an in-depth investigation has already taken place. What we would like to know from the Attorney General of the Republic is whether he will forward the investigations, will he initiate an inquiry at the Federal Supreme Court, will he already file a criminal action in relation to the President of the Republic […] or if he thinks that nothing happened in Brazil, that more than 600 thousand deaths were normal due to the pandemic of Brazilians, and he simply files it away. He has to answer that. But the preliminary investigation clearly seems to me to be a delaying action by the Attorney General of the Republic. That’s why he has to come here”, completed the senator.

For Aras’ benefit, he recalled that the confidential documentation that supported the report only reached the PGR on the 8th or 9th of that month, which is why he asked that the date be set for the second week of December, before the parliamentary recess.

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