Federal Senate

The Senate approved this Tuesday night, the 14th, the bill that allows the candidacy of those who were punished with a fine after having accounts related to the exercise of public positions or functions judged to be irregular. Now, the text goes to the sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro.

The proposal, which originated in the Chamber, changes the 1990 law that deals with cases of ineligibility. Currently, the legislation says that citizens are ineligible who have accounts related to the exercise of public office rejected for “irremediable irregularity” and that constitute “intentional act of administrative improbity”.

The period of ineligibility is eight years, counted from the irrevocable decision of the competent body. These points are not changed by the project.

According to the proposal, ineligibility will not apply only to “persons in charge who have had their accounts deemed irregular, without imputation of debt, and sanctioned exclusively with the payment of a fine”.

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