The variant omicron It has caused the Dominican Republic to experience a massive number of infections, which has alarmed many people, especially representatives of the health sector.

According to the president of Dominican Medical College (CMD), Sénen Caba, the variant omicron It should not be considered as minor, since it can negatively impact vulnerable people.

“The omicron is not mild as it is being said, the omicron when it impacts vulnerable people, say elderly people, hypertensive, diabetics, among others, can affect surprisingly”Senen Caba President of the CMD

Among the vulnerable groups, he highlighted that currently in the country the 30% of the adult population is diabetic, what he considers is a high percentage of vulnerable people who can be infected.

He also indicated that the Dominican Republic has a high percentage of citizens with pathologies of hypertension, cancer, leukemia and lupus, and that, therefore, they are people at high risk of complications from the virus.

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People go to Santo Socorro to undergo COVID-19 tests (Free Newspaper / Francisco Arias )

On Wednesday, the Minister of Public Health stated that the booster vaccine is the only one that could help counteract the conditions that can be caused by the virus by variant omicron and understand that, although the flow of people has increased, it is still slow.

Given the situation of slowness in the third dose, the representative of the doctors specifies that there has been a strong stagnation and people have not had the motivation to apply the reinforcement, for which he calls on the authorities to have clearer communication and better motivated by the process.

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The Dominican Republic has 35 to 40% of its population unvaccinated or with incomplete inoculation and that is “crop thistle grass” for serious situations to arise in the country, according to statements by the president of the Dominican Medical College.

He asks for campaigns that motivate the population to get vaccinated with the booster dose.

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The Ministry of Public Health reported this Friday 7,174 new COVID-19 infections produced in the last 24 hours, for a total accumulated case of 489,631, of which 40,440 are active.

Likewise, the entity reported seven deaths, the highest number of deaths in 21 days. Of these, only one occurred in the last few hours. This puts the total death toll from the disease to date at 4,266. The fatality rate is 0.87%. Of the deceased, 23.77% suffered from hypertension and 14.84 from diabetes.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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