Serge Lama "too fragile", he bows out

For decades, Serge Lama has made the public sing with his repertoire filled with cult hits. An unfailing success hoisting him among the most popular figures of French song. However, now 78 years old, the artist reveals to have many health concerns and makes a sad announcement …

Emblematic figure of French song, Serge Lama is back, not on stage but in bookstores. The artist publishes a book that parallels photos of his career with works of art, entitled My life, my greatest songs illustrated by my favorite painters, published by Éditions Beaux-Arts. Interviewed on this occasion by the Parisian, the interpreter of I am sick a made sad revelations. Affected by disease, the singer made a difficult decision bidding farewell to the stage.There will be no tour. It’s not that I don’t want to but I’m afraid he explained. I walk very hard. During the last one, I broke my face several times.“.
Words he repeated at the microphone‘RTL Wednesday 13 October. “On stage, I’m not as secure as I used to be. JHe has only walked on one leg for 55 years. It’s dangerous and it is moral to know how to stop in time. You must not want to go higher than your destiny allows you to. “He confided.

One last farewell evening?

If he is no longer able to travel the roads, the singer does not rule out offering a last farewell evening to his fans.I’m not saying that I won’t have a farewell party at the Olympia, but touring is no longer in my capacity. I am too fragile: my left leg is getting worse and worse, and the right has been carrying my body since the accident fifty-six years ago. That would be one fight too many … “ he specifies in the columns of the Parisian.
Indeed, the singer could well go back one last time on stage to celebrate his birthday as he reveals at the microphone ofRTL. Perhaps the best I can do is celebrate my 80th birthday in Paris in a year and a half. But do you realize? A year and a half !“. So from adventure to adventure, there may still be time to go sing with Serge Lama for his very last scene …

Serge Lama: the aftermath of a serious car accident

If Serge Lama today encounters so many difficulties on stage, it is because he has never recovered from the terrible road accident of which he was the victim in 1965 near Aix-en-Provence. His fiancée Liliane Benelli as well as his manager, Jean-Claude Ghrenassio, brother of Enrico Macias, died instantly.

Serge Lama survives, but the shock caused him serious after-effects from which he still suffers today. Guest on the set of C to you as part of the promotion of his painting book, the singer returned to this painful ordeal and his determination to overcome it. This accident generated something in me which was very, very strong afterwards, hence the boost that I had afterwards because precisely I was told that I will not be able to recover from this accident and I was like ‘if I will walk’ and I will sing and I will do the Olympia“, he said. Since this accident, the stage man now only walks on one leg.

Serge Lama: his painful love story

In addition to his difficult decision to stop touring, Serge Lama returned to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on the painful story behind the hit song I am sick. Hymn to love for his late wife, the 78-year-old recalls the intensity of this song. “It is a desperate cry: we must get out of deep and violent things. It’s a real tragedy scene when I sing it on stage“, he confides. A title which also tells the sadness of the author.”I wrote this song for Michèle, I wrote others for her. She promised she wouldn’t leave me, she left and I was mad at her he said.
Serge Lama and Michèle Chauvier, got to know each other in 1979 in Chamonix but it was not until 1981 that they formalized their relationship. From their union was born in 1981 Frédéric. In 2016, Michèle Chauvier died of a stroke. Since then, the artist has found love in the arms of his young companion Luana, whom he married last September.

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