Sergio Mayer appears in "Hoy" and users boo the Televisa program (VIDEO)

Mexico.- This Friday’s broadcast of the program “Today” from Televisacaused controversy due to the presence of Sergio Mayer Breton as a guest driver.

the conductors Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta, Andrea Escalona Y Tania Rincon They gave Sergio a warm welcome, contrary to how the audience reacted through social networks, who did not like him.

Too bad they invite this man”, “And what is he doing there?”, “I’d better change the channel”, “The truth, only for his guest, today I don’t see them”, “Get out, Sergio”, the audience reacted .

The former deputy is also one of the characters in the artistic world that has caused the most controversy, which has increased the number of haters.

Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta were happy with their presence on the program. Photo: Special.

On one occasion, the actor “The most beautiful ugly” He affirmed in a television interview that he does not need to be “neither Socrates nor an intellectual” to preside over the Culture commission in the Chamber of Deputies.

And in 2019, the former Garibaldi expressed his concern for the conservation of the “yellow vaquita”, which is, according to him, in danger of extinction. He was actually referring to the vaquita porpoise.

Users rejected the presence of Sergio Mayer. Photo: Special.

Another controversy was when an audio circulated on social networks where he can be heard scolding and insulting his work team, especially a group of women, for not fulfilling their orders. I don’t need by my side little girls p*leave, he claimed.

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