Series A: Mourinho in its purest form: "We don't have to invent stories just because lies sell more"




Jose Mourinho, technician of the Roma, was happy after his 4-0 victory over the Zorya on the Conference League. Also, praised the great role of Zaniolo, whose performance remains somewhat uneven after sustaining several injuries.

Conference League (Week 5): Summary and goals of Roma 4-0 Zorya

Mourinho offered his vision on Zaniolo. “Zaniolo? The bench before Venezia was also motivated by physical problems. The second maybe a bit of my thoughts, also for the new system, and I thought that Shomurodov was more suitable. Today, however, Nicol did really well. I did. I expected a lot from him and I’m happy. He played well and I liked him. He has great potential, but also a lot to learn from his behavior on the field, “he pointed out about his footballer before remembering the ordeal he has gone through.

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“He has a lot of talent but he needs confidence. I always think that a player in difficulty should always be aware of his potential. He has the emotional scar of a boy who has had serious injuries and suffers from negative feelings. Against Juventus he was playing to the maximum but At the first sign in the knee he had the typical fear of those who have suffered so much. We do not have to make up stories among ourselves just because lies sell more. They have to let us work calmly and Mancini will also be happy if we leave him a Zaniolo available for the meeting. selection “, confirmed the Portuguese master.

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