Serious collision at intersection: two drivers to hospital... (Hooglede)


At the intersection of Grote Noordstraat and Amersveldestraat in Gits, there was a serious collision between a Peugeot and a delivery van belonging to a Telenet employee shortly before noon on Wednesday. The driver of the Peugeot, an elderly man, had to be extricated from his car by the fire brigade.

Bert Feys

Today at 13:41

The intersection of Grote Noordstraat and Amersveldestraat is known as a dangerous point where several accidents have already occurred. The Telenet employee misjudged the situation. The man came from the direction of Hooglede from the Grote Noordstraat, but did not give way to a Peugeot at the intersection, where priority from the right applies. The blow was huge. The Peugeot slammed into a post and ended up on its side in the front yard of a farm. The van ended up badly damaged in the canal.

The emergency services, including the fire brigade and a mosquito team, immediately rushed to the spot. The driver of the van was unharmed but in shock. He was taken to hospital a short time later for a check-up.

“The driver of the Peugeot did not get out of his car under his own power. With a little help from us, we succeeded. The man was conscious, but did have a head injury,” said Johan Wardenier, fire officer at the Hooglede fire brigade. The older man was also taken to the hospital in Roeselare.

Due to the serious accident, Amersveldestraat in the vicinity of the intersection with Grote Noordstraat was closed to traffic for a while. Both vehicles sustained serious damage and had to be towed. They are probably ripe for the scrap heap.

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