Singer Alexander Serov.  Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS

Singer Alexander Serov. Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS

Alexander Serov has been in intensive care for a week. The 67-year-old singer is getting worse every day. He can be put into an artificial coma and connected to ECMO. Currently, doctors are holding a consultation.

At the hospitalized Alexander Serov negative dynamics is observed. The singer has large-scale damage to both lungs due to coronavirus. From time to time, a celebrity is connected to a ventilator. Alexander Nikolaevich cannot do without an oxygen mask.

The artist is in intensive care. The performer of the hits “Madonna”, “You Love Me” and “I Love You to Tears” developed respiratory failure. Serov’s grave condition complicates diabetes mellitus. Doctors do not exclude that in the near future the patient can be put into a drug-induced coma, Transmits the Fifth Channel.

The musician’s family is praying for his recovery. “We pray every day and wish Alexander health. My sisters Natalya and Olga, friends, a husband who deciphers every message from doctors. We live all of this now. All our thoughts and actions are now only in Alexander’s health. Sash, a lot of people love you. ! You brought a lot of good to this world. We still need you! Live! I love you! ” – said the ex-wife of the star Elena.

Daughter Michelle does not hide her feelings for dad. “He is in good hands, under vigilant control, he is undergoing intensive treatment! We are all sure that dad will recover very soon and are set only for positive news,” the girl shares.

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