Several hundred Uber drivers disrupt traffic in Brussels: "We will stay in the streets until we are sure we can work again"

Significant slowdowns in the inner ring of Brussels were noted on Wednesday evening on the spot by Belga, in particular at Porte de Namur and Arts-Loi.

The drivers were several hundred on the small belt, but also on the expressways from Zaventem airport and towards the tunnels of rue Belliard, according to the estimate of Fernando Redondo, the president of the Belgian Association of Limousine drivers (ABCL).

The demonstrators were in their cars, but were either stationary or marching.

Later that night, around 1:00 am Thursday, the traffic information service of the regional agency Bruxelles Mobilité announced that the demonstration had ceased on the small belt, in a message posted on Twitter.

However, it resumed with a vengeance this Thursday morning. There were major traffic jams in the center of the capital, as well as on the E40 towards Brussels.

These drivers holding an LVC license (Car Rental with Driver), who use the Uber application for the paid transport of people, reacted to the judgment of the Brussels Court of Appeal, delivered on Wednesday. The latter forced them to stop operating from this Friday at 6:00 p.m. Around 2,000 Brussels drivers risk losing a source of income, according to the company Uber.

The Court recognized the use of the Uber app as illegal. It based its decision on the 1995 regional ordinance on taxi services and chauffeur-driven car rental companies. The demonstrators are therefore demanding new legislation from the Brussels government.

“We will block Brussels every day by playing the snail until we get a response from the Cabinet of Rudi Vervoort (Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region)”, warned Fernando Redondo. “We have been waiting for this Taxi plan for 7 years and for 7 years it has been frozen with the Cabinet of Rudi Vervoort. Following the decision at first instance, we had fines of 160 euros. Uber drivers had demonstrated in Brussels and we had been promised a Taxi plan for the summer. It is the end of November and we still have nothing. We will stay in the street until we are sure of being able to work again, “he said. -he announces.

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