Shakira joined the success of the World Globes created by Ibai Llanos and Piqué

The Balloon World Cup is all the rage on social networks and more than one user has fun seeing the new tournament that streamer Ibai Llanos and Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué created together. During the competition, Shakira could be seen, celebrating her husband’s new initiative and supporting the triumph of one of the teams.

The singer shared a video on Instagram stories where I could see him encouraging Peru after beating Bulgaria and the Colombian shouted: “Peru has won!”. Is that ehe tournament that brings together influencers, streamers, and figures from different parts of the world has caused a sensation and Shakira also joins in supporting her husband’s new initiative, who continues to bet on new projects.

What is the World Balloon World Cup?

The rules are easy: the balloon cannot touch the ground. When it falls, the last person who touched it scores one point. Also, there are some rules to help match dynamics. For example, the balloon cannot be hit down, and it must always be hit above a one meter line. All this, in a setting that simulates a living room, surrounded by furniture and obstacles that hinder the development of meetings. A game for children of a lifetime, which was taken to the highest performance and has already captivated millions of people on social networks.

How did Argentina do?

La Albiceleste was represented by Elián Barrado. The young man made his debut against Algeria, and won 5-2 to qualify for the round of 16. In the second round he faced Georgia, and showed a great level: he won 4-0 without errors, and he kept the ticket for the quarterfinals. There he crossed paths with Peru, one of the favorites in the contest. And he lost with controversy, in the tiebreaker for the Golden Globe (a kind of goal wins in which only the head is used).

What countries participate?

The 32 nations are made up of: United States, Equatorial Guinea, Italy, Argentina, Bolivia, Mongolia, France, Cuba, Russia, Paraguay, China, Bulgaria, Sweden, Senegal, Uruguay, Ukraine, Armenia, Colombia, Chile, Georgia, Brazil, Venezuela, Netherlands, Mexico , Andorra, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, Germany, United Kingdom, Peru and Spain.

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