Sharon Stone reveals Basic Instinct cost her child custody | Social questions

The actress who starred in the thriller erotic cult of the 1990s told, in a conversation on the program Table For Two With bruce bozzithat his participation in the Paul Verhoeven film was detrimental to his private life.

One of the hardest consequences, he reported, was the fact that, because of the film, he lost custody of his 10-year-old son. “I lost custody of my son,” Sharon revealed. “The judge asked my son, my little, tiny boy, ‘Did you know your mother makes sex movies?’ This kind of abuse by the system — this kind of abuse, in the kind of mother that I was, was judged because I made that movie.”

“Now people walk around naked on regular television,” he says, but 20 years ago the world was different. “You saw maybe 1/16th of a second of me naked, and I lost custody of my son…”

The episode had repercussions on the health of the actress, who ended up hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic with heart problems.

Sharon Stone adopted Roan in 2000, two years after marrying investigative journalist Phil Bronstein. In 2004, he was denied custody of the minor and Stone says that the problem in court was precisely the 1992 film. “It broke my heart.”

Already in 2021, the actress had addressed the issue in her memoirs, writing that she was “punished for changing the rules of how we see women” and that, for years, she “spent her afternoons sleeping” and “couldn’t function”.

Stone has three adopted children: in addition to Roan, 22, she is the mother of Laird Vonne, 17, and Quinn Kelly, 16.

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