Sharon Stone turns 65: The fate of the Hollywood star

“Basic Instinct” scandal

After her first jobs as a model in the Big Apple, Sharon Stone’s acting career started in 1980 with a role in Woody Allen’s (87) “Stardust Memories”. She then appeared in films such as Police Academy 4 (1987), Action Jackson (1988) and Total Recall (1990) before starring in Basic Instinct in 1992 great breakthrough. But her role in the erotic thriller, for which she was nominated for both a Golden Globe and a Golden Raspberry, also drew negative headlines for years.

In general, “Basic Instinct” contains many revealing sex scenes, which was too much of a good thing for some viewers at the time. The scene showing Stone’s privates because she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her dress stuck in many people’s minds. Stone later explained that she wasn’t aware of the dress scene. Accordingly, she would have been told to take off her panties, but no intimate parts would be recognized. Stone was certainly not aware at the time that her star role would have an impact on her later life as a mother.

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