Petrona, lives in the California village, located two hours from the municipality of Chigorodó, at Urabá Antioqueño; Due to lack of financial resources, she was unable to travel to the urban area to undergo the corresponding prenatal controls, so during her pregnancy she did not find out that she had three new lives in her womb.

Madys, Matias and MateoThey came to the world as a beautiful surprise and joy to the humble peasant family; were several health workers from the Soma Clinic of Chigorodó those who with astonishment and emotion welcomed the little ones, this was confirmed to Minute30, Cindy plaza, a nursing assistant who has worked for 11 years at the institution where she assured that in the 15 years of service, it is the first time that the clinic receives triplets.

«The babies were born very well but low in weight, it was the only complication of them because they rest well; they were born very stable respiratory », the Auxiliary pointed out.

On the birth of the babies, he also explained that the two boys are twins and the girl is a twin.

The family is happy about the arrival of the babies but is concerned about the economic situation

The proud mother claims to be happy and grateful to God for the birth of her babies, through tears she told a local media outlet, «By the mercy of God I had three children that God gave me because he pleased him that way; But now the need I have is for you to help us because it is not easy to ‘over-carry’ three children, taking them forward is not easy for me it has hit me very hard, for me it is not easy. I am happy and content with my three children on the one hand, but on the economic side I suffer ».

For his part, Mr. Luis Alberto Germán, who is dedicated to field work and various trades in his village to support his wife and six children, assures that the expenses of the three new babies cause him concern, but that yes, he repeated on several occasions how excited he is, he insisted: “I am happier with my children.”

The triplets who were born prematurely were under medical observation until this Wednesday, October 13, while specialists helped them control their weight. For their part, the happy parents told Minute30 who are eager to get home and gather their 9 children under one roof.

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