Sheila Mello is crowned queen of Cotton Candy Popcorn

The rain could be an obstacle for Carla Perez’s Pipoca Doce, but not even the bad weather dispersed the public at the Osmar circuit (Campo Grande), to enjoy the second day of the dancer’s party.

Alongside Patati & Patatá, Xanddy Harmonia and Scheila Carvalho, Carla Perez surprised her friend Sheila Mello and crowned the eternal blonde from Tchan as queen of the block.

“After so many years, you are already a beautiful woman, your daughter is a beautiful princess, but today, in particular, I crown you the queen of Pipoca Doce”, announced Carla on top of the trio.

From above the trio, Scheila Carvalho also spoke to the public and declared herself to her friend, Carla Perez. Thrilled, the dancer commented on the chosen costume and talked about the realization of being with her friends on stage once again.

“It’s so nice, we have a flashback, being able to relive this moment with you here is incredible, I’m wearing a little outfit that marked my life and I believe that of many mothers who are here today. When I put on this outfit, a very strong emotion came over me, and dancing next to Carla once again, reliving that moment has been incredible.”

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