Shoe Face scolds Amanda for not showering

If at BBB 21, the strong point of the participants was not taking a shower, at BBB 23, the fighter Cara de Sapato’s attentive nose warns of any and all types of smells that aren’t that of a well-taken shower.

The almost Bahian man caught the attention of the gambling duo, Amanda, after smelling a scent coming from her friend. “Haven’t you showered, Amanda?” asked the fighter.

The doctor confessed that the last bath taken had been after the party. “Not today, I’m going to take it to sleep”, said the sister already at night. Amazed, Sapato reinforced the question: “Haven’t you taken a shower today?”.

Embarrassed, Amanda confirmed: “I took it today, seven o’clock in the morning, after the party”, she said that she heard it from her friend: “Amanda… I was feeling it! Fuck*!”.

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