Shoigu checked how specialists are trained for military repair of aircraft

By the end of this year, the latest Su-34 front-line bombers in service with the 47th Aviation Regiment will be redeployed from the Buturlinovka military airfield to Voronezh. This was reported on Thursday to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who is in the regional center. “The redeployment will take place from November 15 to December 15,” the head of the Russian military department was informed.

Let us explain what this flight is connected with. The fact is that in the past few years the airfield in Buturlinovka turned out to be the base for the 47th regiment because of the overhaul of the runway in Voronezh Baltimore, the “home” airfield of bombers. Apparently, this work is close to completion, and the command has decided to return the Su-34 regiment to Voronezh.

During his working trip to the regional center, Shoigu visited the Zhukovsky and Gagarin Air Force Academy. There, specialists of the military-construction complex prepared a modern educational and material base. Walking through the territory and premises of the university, the minister concluded: “Excellent conditions have been created for training our future pilots and technicians. Well done builders, engineers, those who were involved in the very concept of military repair of helicopters, airplanes, and unmanned aerial vehicles. This is a serious step. which will allow us to reduce by an order of magnitude the terms of repair and maintenance of aviation and the costs also by an order of magnitude. 50 thousand rubles or 7 million rubles – there is a difference. ” According to Shoigu, a very large and important project has been completed at the academy.

There is no exaggeration here. The minister, in particular, was shown a modern technical and operational unit put into operation in September. There they train specialists in the military repair of aircraft of various types. Some of this park was in the TEC – Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft, as well as Mi-28 and Ka-52 helicopters. It turned out that cadets studying in various aviation specialties can work here in quite comfortable conditions.

The very technical and operational part was built on the basis of pre-fabricated container-type modules. The buildings housed three laboratories: for the regulation and repair of radio-electronic and aviation equipment, as well as power plants. All are equipped with the latest technology.

It is thanks to the creation of such TEC and laboratories, according to experts, that in a few years, up to 70 percent of the repair work will be carried out by the troops. The minister was informed that the Aerospace Forces are planning to reach this indicator by 2026. And specialists for work in such workshops will be trained at the Voronezh Air Force Academy. To which Shoigu noted: along with well-trained specialists, the troops will also have modern equipment necessary for the repair of aircraft.

The minister also visited the cadet corps (engineering school) of the Air Force Academy. In the educational process, cadets use advanced techniques and technologies. And classes with children are taught by teachers, 90 percent of whom have the highest qualification category. Is it any wonder that four out of forty engineering school graduates this year have become gold medalists. And the average grade of 11th grade cadets by the time they graduate from school consistently exceeds 4.5 points.

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